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Can You Benefit From Joining a Private Investigator Association?

So, you’re a PI. Should you join your professional association? Let’s take a quick look at Canada’s national and provincial private investigation associations for an answer.

The Canadian Association of Private Investigators (CAPI) is Canada’s national association. It represents its provincial and regional private investigation associations. Canada has six provincial associations, primarily formed to address industry issues and to provide a voice for PIs in the provinces where they live.

The Private Investigators’ Association of B.C.  (PIABC) consists of a membership of private investigators and security consultants in British Columbia.

Here are some of the main reasons for joining the PIABC or your province’s private investigators association:

1. Support professionalism and ethics in the PI industry. By joining PIABC, you’re supporting their mission, which is to maintain a high level of ethics for its members. Your membership is a vote towards advancing the industry as a whole and upholding its members to a high standard of operating. In turn, you benefit from enjoying the status that belonging to such a professional association provides.

2. Get professional development and continued learning opportunities. You’ll get access to programs that provide continued education, training, and opportunities to attend seminars and learn about the latest investigative techniques and technologies. You will also learn how to uphold ethical practices in private investigation.

3. Participate in networking opportunities. Members are encouraged to foster a relationship between those that own and run PI companies, as well as with other security professionals. You will have opportunities to network with these industry professionals at events and have free admission to the Annual General Meeting.

4. Make a decision that’s good for business.  It also makes good business sense to join the association since you are able to market your business using the website. When individuals and companies are researching which PI firms to approach, they often turn to professional associations for advice.

You’re able to use the association website to market yourself as a listed PI. Potential clients will turn to professional organizations when deciding who to hire. You’re membership gives you a competitive advantage. You also get significant savings on business insurance rates and products and services through their sponsors.

Private investigators that reside in British Columbia and are interested in joining the PIABC can fill out a Private Investigator Membership form.

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