COVID-19 has hit us hard. The Canadian Government has tested 107,147 citizens with 1646 confirmed cases, 445 probable cases, and 24 deaths. Countries such as Italy and China have seen much worse …This virus is highly contagious and can have serious consequences on people of all ages.

The economy is also taking a hit. Businesses are closing and buildings full of merchandise are sitting abandoned. People are inevitably losing their jobs and are in fear that they may not be able to pay their bills. Others are crashing through grocery stores trying to stock up on supplies in panic that a complete lock-down nears.

Scientists have found a vaccine, but it may not be ready until the end of the summer. Until then, it is recommended that travel plans are cancelled, people work from home, and we practice social distancing and proper hygiene.

However, life must go on. Taking precautions is an absolute must, but we still need to continue to work, eat, pay our bills, and dare I say – have a little fun.

Do you have a plan to keep your business and homes safe? Kusic and Kusic Private Investigators has highly skilled investigators who are adept in monitoring and protection services.

Security Cameras

If you are worried about having your business broken into while you are away, it might be time to have security cameras installed in your building. Cameras are relatively cheap and can be programmed to send a live feed straight to your phone. This can offer a piece of mind that nothing is being stolen or damaged without having to risk the continued spread of viruses.

Security Patrols

There are many very populated areas that are still open to the public. If your store is having trouble enforcing social distancing and preventing theft, it might be time to hire someone who is trained and experienced in dealing with hazardous situations. Our investigators have backgrounds in overt and covert security, experience working in healthcare industries, secret shopping, and more. It may not be worth risking the well-being of your employees when there are better and safer options available.    


Our investigators specialize in surveillance. No situation is the same, especially in a global pandemic. Do you need to know if your employees are following proper social distancing and company guidelines?  Maybe you just want to make sure a family member is taking COVID-19 seriously without alerting them? Surveillance can be extremely beneficial if you require remaining anonymous or are unable to personally monitor an area yourself.

Don’t hesitate to give Kusic and Kusic Private Investigators a call or email for a free quote on how we can better secure your business…and life. Better safe than sorry is what I always say.

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