What You Need to Know Before Hiring Executive Protection

This time the onus is on you, the client. You need to hone in on what’s crucial when determining whether a company is qualified to adequately protect your high-powered executive.

Consider this post your protection against falling for the myriad of information out there that isn’t relevant when researching an executive protection professional.

Take the idea of a big, burly bald man with no neck out of your mind. Let’s focus on what matters.

This article about physical security lists the top things you must know before hiring executive protection. It also transforms the executives’ idea of personal protection from being a necessary headache into a sought after perk.

Security for executives is no longer a luxury but a must, which Forbes magazine confirms concluding that being a top executive can be very dangerous. These execs are your most valued assets. Protect them as such.

The article points to a Ford Motor proxy report stating that “the benefits of providing these programs outweigh the relatively minor costs associated with them.”

Make sure you avoid unpleasant surprises at all times when choosing your security team.

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