How to Gamify Your Day to Improve Your Life

Can doing paperwork be as engaging as playing Call of Duty? Will children beg their parents to let them do chores? Can being a gamer shrink your waistline? Gamification explores answers to these questions and many more.

Gamification is a buzz word used to describe the process of taking elements of game thinking and game mechanics and applying them everyday life. It reflects a growing trend towards using games outside of entertainment.

The power of games has been harnessed to address old challenges in new ways. The result ranges from improvement to health to increases in productivity. Playing games can improve awareness, understanding, recognition, and motivation.

Be more productive at work

RedCritter is a business gamification app that applies game mechanics to project management. The benefits of using this app can include an increase in employee productivity, quality of work, employee retention and employee morale.

Project managers are able to assign reward points for achieving specific goals. The points can be accumulated and spent at the Rewards Store. Employees are also able to earn badgers and share their accomplishments with other employees.

DueProps offers employers another alternative to helping workers be more engaged, happier and productive. Players are able to give and receive “props” or recognition, accomplish challenges and collect in-game and real-world rewards.

Improve your driving

Driving Curve professes to be like the Nike+ app for drivers. It allows for an easy way to record your driving behaviour and receive feedback on your driving habits to make you a better driver and save on fuel. You are also able to compete with friends and unlock achievements, such as badges.

Keep your house clean

Chore Monster is an app for parents and kids. It’s designed to make chores more fun. The app allows you to create a list of scheduled chores and assign point values. You’re child is able to accumulate points while they clean, which can be exchange for real-life rewards.

Kids can also unlock game perks. Many reviews credit the app for getting children excited about household chores.

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Improve your health

You may find that your exercise routine is getting a bit humdrum. Maybe you don’t look forward to doing your exercises or don’t feel motivated to jump out of bed at 6am for that jog. The gamification of your exercise routine can add an element of fun and engagement.

Zombies, Run! is a video app for runners and can be played outdoors or at the gym. During your run, you are immersed in an action-packed game involving a zombie apocalypse with zombie chases that inspire you to run faster.

The game includes over 160 missions and gives players a chance to be a hero by saving hundreds of lives while getting fit.

Founders of Zombies, Run! also created a gaming app for walkers called The Walk. The games starts by a bomb exploding an a train station and challenges players to stay alive and save the world. It’s a great way to turn your walk routine into an adventure.

Gamification is also being used in a wide range of other applications, such as to improve education, mental health and patient care.

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