Happy Easter

This weekend, with all the world seemingly in turmoil and angst, many of us will celebrate Easter holidays. While Easter is primarily a Christian religious observance, like Christmas, the secular side of the holiday which include colored eggs, jellybeans, baskets and a bunny has been adopted by many non-Christian and non-religious around the world. Few things bring greater delight to a child’s mind than the thought of the Easter Bunny bringing that basket of goodness to their home.

But the concept and message of Easter is what we all desperately need to keep in mind this year. Re-birth, re-newel, peace and fellowship are ideas that mankind needs to embrace now more than ever. Hope and harmony have become lost in our world of chaos. A promise for a better tomorrow seems like a deluded dream today for many.

The Easter spirit helps to restore our hope…replenish our faith in the promise. One does not have to adhere to a specific religious ideology in order to benefit from the message that Easter offers. One does not have to pray to a specific God in order to rejoice in a common bond with our fellow human beings.

Take time this weekend to celebrate your place on this planet and your communion with those around you…..breath the fresh Spring air. Take time to heed the Easter message of re-birth, newness and faith in mankind. Believe in a tomorrow that promises a future for generations to come.

Happy Easter from All of Us at Kusic and Kusic!!!

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