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Although we enjoy the work that we do, the staff here at Kusic and Kusic Private Investigators often love talking about the craft even more than actually doing it. In fact, we find that our investigators can tell stories about surveillance, anti-counterfeiting, security/protection and more for days on end. And now that the cat’s out of the bag, you’re likely wondering what one might do in this situation…

We thought about it and came up with a few options for ourselves:

1. Tell the investigators to start telling stories to people on the street – This probably wouldn’t have worked out very well. There’s something about approaching strangers and jumping into a story that doesn’t seem quite right.

2. Suggest that the investigators write a book – Now, while there’s nothing like a good book, we decided that the moonlighting as wordsmiths was a bit too demanding for our investigators…We need their expertise in the field, not tapping away on their laptops at the local coffee shop.

3. Keep it to themselves – This particular option…just seems unhealthy and, quite frankly, very unlikely. We’re told to live a life of moderation and that should apply to this as well.

Clearly, we exhausted nearly every available option. But as you may already know, at Kusic and Kusic, we leave no stone unturned…And like the magician pulling a rabbit out of the hat, someone said: “why don’t we start a blog?”

So after YEARS in research and development and gaining approval from every department, the blog is live on our company website. We’re ecstatic about its launch and the different things we will be able to share. We encourage each and every one of you to visit our blog regularly to see what’s new and exciting in the world of private investigators.
Keep up and blog on
Now, we’ve left the best for last…YOU can also contribute to the blog! We know that our clients and associates often have interesting stories and well-informed opinions about their respective fields – just like we do at Kusic and Kusic. So if you ever feel the need to discuss a particular topic or tell an interesting story, talk to us about guest blogging at Kusic and Kusic!

We look forward to having you as a regular reader and a potential contributor to the blog.


The staff at Kusic and Kusic.

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