Profile of a Serial Cheater Capable of Murder

Infidelity is one of the common reasons for why people divorce in Canada with 60 percent citing that infidelity would be their top reason for divorce. Who’s doing it? Why are they cheating? And, are serial cheaters more likely to commit murder? Here are the nitty-gritty facts of extramarital affairs.

The recipe for infidelity involves individual traits related to infidelity and situational factors, which can result in a sinful cocktail wrought with lies and deceit… and even murder.

Anatomy of a cheater

People who commit infidelity have a yearning for someone else and are driven by desire. Men and professional athletes are more likely to cheat because they have a higher level of testosterone it their body.

Those with higher levels of dopamine are more likely to cheat. This neurotransmitter contributes to higher degrees of risk taking and thrill seeking. This affect is mimicked in people that use certain drugs, such as cocaine and ecstasy, which increases their level of dopamine.

Children that didn’t have enough love and affection growing up experience deprivation. This deprivation often creates a deficit or hunger that no one partner can fill.

Statistics also reveal lesser-known characteristics, such as people who are narcissistic, fake organisms, and men who have deeper voices and large genitalia.

Breeding ground for infidelity

People often claim it’s their relationship for the reason they cheat. There is a correlation between infidelity and relationships with lots of conflict, dissatisfaction and unsatisfying sex. This increases for partners that differ in personality and education level.

Availability is also a contributing factor. People with more power and wealth often have more access to potential suitors. Partners that do more separate activities are often more prone to cheat.

Crime of passion

Are cheaters also more prone to homicide? There are some factors, such as being deprived of love as a child, narcissism, and a sense of entitlement that are also associated with murder.

One scenario involves the cheater killing their spouse instead of going through divorce. They are now free to raise their children with their lover, and still be the recipient of care, condolences and respect from family members and their community.

Another scenario inspires the cheater to murder their lover for fear that their spouse will find out. This helps the cheater avoid a potential divorce and splitting up of assets and children.

When to hire a private investigator

Recognize individual and situational factors that contribute to infidelity, and understand the red flags by reading these top clues that your spouse is cheating.

You are now better able to determine whether your partner is having an affair. Hiring an experienced private investigator can help provide you with peace of mind of knowing either way.

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