The grass is greener – Education in the industry.

The grass is greener on the other side…or is it?

We came across this recent article in a private investigations magazine from the States, called Pursuit Magazine.

The article talks about the perception of private investigators by the general public. It seems that our peers south of the border have a myriad of problems in their industry. The need for regulation and education is obvious. Fortunately, in Canada and more specifically, British Columbia, many safeguards and regulations are in place to govern the industry.

Security Programs in B.C. have done a stellar job of overseeing the security industry. Is it perfect? No. The Achilles heel rests with education – both in the industry itself and in the education of our clients.

Continued education is nonexistent in this industry and must be mandatory for all security workers. In order to strengthen our profession, a minimum amount of annual education should be implemented.

Educating clients is also essential. Legal and ethical boundaries need to be discussed with all clients so that everyone is aware of what can and cannot be done.

We should all be proud of the security industry that we have in British Columbia and with a little bit of work, we can become a model to all in the security world.

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