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VINTAGE PI: Making it work

December 11 marks my twentieth wedding anniversary to my wife Ilona.

Not only my wife, but 2014 marks the twentieth anniversary of Kusic and Kusic.

Ilona is also my business partner.

We have both reached the age were marriage and business could be described as “vintage”. The dictionary describes the characteristics of that word as “excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal, classic.” All of the things that describe Ilona. Unfortunately the same definition uses the words “old or outmoded”, which best describes me.

Somehow we work, and work well. Some say it’s her German heritage that keep things in order; others suggest it’s my Polish background that makes me a good listener.

Through the ups and downs of life together, I have to concede the winning hand to my other half for our success. Not a day goes by without me thinking how lucky I am.


Needless to say Ilona has had some helping hands. “Making it work” also belongs to family, staff at K&K and the many friends I have met along the way. No they are not marriage counselors, but unknowingly have contributed to the amount of free time I get to spend with Ilona.

I’ve been fortunate to belong to some wonderful organizations in my profession that allows us to travel and enjoy life together.

Locally the Private Investigators of BC have a yearly conference somewhere different in the province of BC to truly enjoy what we have in our own backyard.

The World Association of Detectives is certainly the pinnacle of all investigator groups with conferences all over the world and in some of the best hotels anywhere.

Their past conference in Rome was like a second honeymoon for both of us.

Perhaps the above is a formula for success? Who knows?

All I can say is “Happy Anniversary Ilona”. And thanks to the supporting cast for its success”.

Photo Source: Flickr (roses)

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