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Business Evaluations

The core of every business is customer interaction. Whether you have a new start-up or an established enterprise, your customer service defines who you are. Kusic and Kusic offers professional evaluation services to enhance the performance of your specific business.

Our customized service, which includes covert video, is offered by licensed private investigators that are trained in all levels of observation and interaction.

Some of the things our investigators look for but are not limited to:

  • how long it takes for the investigator to be greeted
  • the friendliness of the interaction
  • how well the employee completed the sale or service
  • the overall speed of service
  • whether the employee invited the investigator to return to the establishment
  • the employee’s compliance with service and appearance standards
  • the cleanliness and presentation of the establishment

If your type of business is listed below, call us today.

  •  Restaurants
  •  Bars/pubs
  •  Coffee shops
  •  Retail stores
  •  Shopping centres
  •  Convenience stores
  •  Gas stations
  •  Professionals (accountants, dentists, etc.)
  •  Universities
  •  Government offices
  •  Real estate agents
  •  Travel agents
  •  Car dealerships
  •  Casinos

Why Choose Kusic and Kusic

  • Customized service: We tailor our evaluation services to meet the specific needs of your business, providing personalized solutions for optimal results.
  • Covert video: Our state-of-the-art covert video technology allows us to capture real interactions, providing valuable insights.
  • Trained investigators: Our licensed private investigators have the expertise and experience to assess all aspects of customer interactions, ensuring comprehensive evaluations.
  • Reliable data: We provide accurate and reliable data based on our thorough evaluations, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Experience the Difference with Kusic and Kusic

With our professional evaluation services, you can transform your customer service and boost your reputation. Our team of licensed private investigators is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable evaluations, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business.

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