“Let’s kill all the Lawyers”

In 1623, William Shakespeare first published his work of Henry VI. Now nearly four hundred years later, his most famous line was not the intention of his dialogue. In fact, it was a tribute to the legal profession. In simple language, it meant that lawyers were the guardians of the rule of law who stand […]

Calling All Guest Bloggers: We Want YOU!

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to write for our popular blog. We are looking for engaging articles that are related to the private investigation community, potential clients or high technology (think drones, 3D printers and Artificial Intelligence!). Check out our past blog articles to get familiar with how we write posts and visit Write […]

Kusic and Kusic Recommended Book List

This week we are featuring a recommended reading list from authors that have made an impression on our staff at Kusic and Kusic Private Investigators. The books range from educational to fictional and offer good reads for the sleuths or curious onlookers in your life. Introduction to Social Media Investigation: A Hands-on Approach by Jennifer […]

Kusic and Kusic Salutes the World Association of Detectives

In the 20 years our firm has been in business, my biggest regret has been not joining this organization sooner. With origins going back to 1921, the World Association of Detectives is the longest and largest association of its kind in the world. If you are in the private investigation business, there is only one […]

Case Investigation: The Easter Bunny

Written by Laura-Lee Walker Date: April 5, 2015 File Objective: Find Easter eggs by conducting surveillance on the Easter Bunny. Client: Children all over the world. _________________________________________________________ SUBJECT: THE EASTER BUNNY Know Aliases: Easter Rabbit and Easter Hare. Description: Looks like a large rabbit, has long ears, and walks upright. She is approximately 450 years […]

How Private Investigators Can Stay Healthy on the Job

Private investigators that are stationary for prolonged periods of time (such as from conducting surveillance or sitting at a computer) are more pronged to health-related problems. This can lead to weight gain and back pain. Surveillance also presents additional challenges such as stressful situations, breathing in exhaust fumes and isolation, which can lead to anxiety, […]

Future of the Private Investigation Industry

The landscape of private investigation in British Columbia is changing as the industry aims to solve existing challenges and work towards a more professional, inclusive and skilled workforce. The private investigator community strives to set the industry standard for private investigation in the Province and across Canada. Snapshot of today’s private investigators In 2013, a […]

How to Spot a Fraud

“53 per cent of resumes and job applications contain falsifications.”–The Society of Human Resource Managers People will often lie when telling the truth won’t get them what they want, such as a job or promotion. That means that your new hire could be a potential liability. Incidences of people misrepresenting themselves are commonplace, and the […]

Differences Between Surveillance and Stalking

Surveillance serves an important role in investigations. It is a lawful activity and is considered as evidence in court. In contrast, stalking reflects sociopathic tendencies and criminal intent. It’s an illegal activity designed to control the victim’s behaviour and feelings.  SURVEILLANCE Legal Surveillance activities do not violate any laws. Surveillance is conducted in a way […]

Top 6 Problems Private Investigators Face During Surveillance

The life of a private investigator isn’t as glamorous as it’s portrayed in the movies. In reality, there are aspects of the job that are unhealthy, and there are real consequences to having that cup of java. Extreme temperatures Depending on weather conditions, sometimes you get very cold or very hot. Most people cope with […]