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social media propaganda

by Laura-Lee Walker “The advance of an army used to be marked by war drums. Now it’s marked by volleys of tweets”. -J.M. […]

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terrorist attack cycle, preventing terrorism

by Laura-Lee Walker Although terrorist attacks come in all shapes and sizes and are orchestrated by a wide variety of groups and lone […]

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mourning terrorist attack

By Laura-Lee Walker Although there is a lot of research about terrorism, there is a large gap between ideas popularly held about terrorism […]

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location intelligence, big data, geofeedia, norse, location based

by Laura-Lee Walker Location intelligence involves using geographical data to make decisions. Geographic information is being used in a wide variety of sectors […]

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Easter crimes, Easter Sunday, Palm Sunday, murders, killings

by Laura-Lee Walker Easter is fast approaching. For many this tradition conjurers up images of Easter egg hunts, the resurrection of Christ, and […]

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